Top Things To Do In Houston Texas

The sprawling Metropolis of Houston is the 4th biggest city within the U.S, it has become one of the top-rated destinations for the young professionals looking to move to the next level of their careers. Among many of the other places around Texas, Houston is the one that stands-out as a thriving and sophisticated city that is currently undergoing a striking cultural transformation and making significant waves within the culinary scene. Here are a few top things to do and see in Houston.

Touring The Downtown Tunnels

Something that a lot of people are not aware of about Houston, is that there are around 6-miles of tunnels underground which connect several of the buildings in the city. There are several restaurants and shops in the tunnels, and there are even tours available to help you become acquainted with this part of Houston.

The Houston Space Center

Without any doubts, a top-rated attraction when visiting Houston is still the Space Center. The location is around 25-miles Southeast of this city. Here you will discover historic artifacts derived from several space missions and a ton of rotating exhibits and interactive adventures. This location is extremely children friendly, which guarantees to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Shopping At The Galleria

Houston is well known as a top-rated spot for shopping in the American South. The Galleria is one of those classy establishments that feature 100’s of different shops. Here you will find those high-end stores such as Tiffany & Co and Gucci, which makes it the ideal destination if you enjoy window shopping. Other attractions include loads of restaurants to choose from and an exciting ice-skating rink for the whole family. All the shopping areas are air-conditioned and located indoors. This offers an escape from the heat of summer if you on vacation in these hot months.

Festivals And Concerts At Discovery Green

Visiting Houston is definitely regarded as one of those city experiences, yet there are a few beautiful parks where you can relax and enjoy some of your time surrounded native flowers and trees. Discovery Green is located in the heart of downtown, flanked by a number of towering skyscrapers from all directions. Here you will frequently find free film showings, concerts and festivals. Be sure to check on the local-events calendars when you arrive to find out if there are any events planned during the dates of your vacation or visit.